Mac pro sound card noise

No sound on Mac? Check these things first

I suffered from this issue in my variant. Initially, they did not work at all. A SMC reset caused them to start working again, but they are blown out now, they barely have any volume. That happened to me twice on my and can only be fixed with an entire top case replacement.

MacBook Pro 2018 - Speakers Crackling

The second time it happened, it would have been the 3rd major repair keyboard issues on the other repair , so they replaced my entire computer with a new one. This was all within the first year of ownership. Hopefully this doesn't cause any actual damage to the speaker membranes as that would suck. The crackling sounds like someone blowing down the edge of a paper really hard. There were similar reports about the iPhone X when it was new, but the complaints seemed to go away after a while.

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I don't know if it was a software problem or if the speakers themselves just needed to be bedded-in. Probably not related to the new MacBook Pros though, I imagine they have very different hardware.

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  • Same situation as you on the boot camp Overwatch gig; first it was the headphone jack 1second delay that bothered me, so I decided to use the speakers, but then the speakers started cracking.. Same issue here with bootcamp, but not with MacOS. Actually this only happens when using the internal speakers. Headphones are fine.

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    Its a complicated mess of latency and drivers and frequencies and dirty sound quality. It'll be patched soon. All these apparent issues with Mac books? These problems are going to continue to show their ugly head!

    Fixing a MacBook Stuck on Mute

    Why that guy is considered a design genius is beyond me! He always seems to skate scrutiny regarding all these design concerns! I love! For example, Chrome would be playing something from YouTube, sound would cut out, and only restarting Chrome would fix it. Have the issue happening to me quite often.

    I closed Chrome a few minutes ago while it was happening, and it has not happened in the minutes since and it was happening every seconds no matter how low or high the volume on the speakers. Another time, I was DJing with external speakers and it was actually outputting the crackling sound over an amplified PA system. Bad news in my line of my work having a laptop that will distort audio. I need the crispest audio possible. Likely going to move to a USB soundcard and be done with the problem.

    Cheapest fix I can think of since I can't return it and get a computer that works right.

    Yep, happens to me a lot on Spotify and Chrome too. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Many manufacturers, publishers, and record labels restrict retailers from selling or shipping their products until the official release date.

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    But in some cases manufacturers will sell them before the official release date. I can't find an email address on Apple's site to even raise the issue with them, but I thought that MacFixit readers would be interested in this information and that you might even have some insight into the situation. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

    What to Do If Your MacBook Pro's Audio Is Going Bad

    We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. One reader writes: "The problem is not always obvious. One reader writes: "I realized that the backlight on my screen flickers when my screen dimmed down below 4 bars. I contacted Amazon about the delay, pointing out that Apple began shipping 2 weeks ago and here was their reply: "'I'm sorry for any misunderstanding regarding this item. Late-breakers macfixit. MacBook Pro 9 : More uni MacBook Pro 8 : iSight n MacBook Pro 7 : Notes fr MacBook Pro 5 : Notes fr MacBook Pro 4: FireWire MacBook Pro 3: Ship date; MacBook Pro 2 : SuperDri Apple releases MacBook Pro More from Late-Breakers.

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