How to do a keyword search on mac

How to Find a Specific Word on a Mac

Include filetype:pdf in your search query in Google. It offers a powerful set of features, from text editing to merging PDFs.

Download PDF Expert for free or buy the full license right now! Maria Henyk.

How to search specific words within a website/document?

Thank you for downloading PDF Expert! We will send you link shortly. Share RSS. Apr 5th Open all the needed documents in PDF Expert. Its tabbed view is convenient to switch between multiple files. Type a word or phrase and hit Enter.

In search results, select All Tabs. Click on a search result to jump to the corresponding page.

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Click at the top left and select the Annotations tab. Here, you can navigate all your highlights, comments, and sticky notes.

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Slightly scroll down to reveal the search field. Tap the search field, type your query, and hit Enter. PDF Expert searches through the highlighted text, comments, and even sticky notes. How do I find a specific message in a Skype conversation?

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Back to search results Go to the Skype chat that you want to search. In the search box, type the word or phrase you want to find. The results will appear automatically starting with the most recent message. Use the up or down chevron buttons to move to the previous or next result. How far back can Skype find specific text in a conversation? When I search for specific text in a Skype conversation, how many results are shown? Searching for a specific word or phrase within a conversation will show 30 results.

Related Articles. For large or complex searches, open a Finder window and run your query from there. This will let you access a wider range of attributes and search criteria, let you combine multiple criteria to define your searches more precisely, and give you more options for sorting and viewing your results.

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There are several ways to access Spotlight via the Finder. You can open a generic Finder window and use the search box at the top, press command-F to convert any open Finder window into a search window, or press command-option-spacebar to open a brand-new search window. Press command-F to open a search window in the Finder. You can limit your search to specific areas of your system or network.

Click on a column header to changer how results are sorted. Simply choose Show All at the top of the menu, and Spotlight will display the results of that search in a Finder window. You can then select the column headers to sort by name, kind, or date. You can click on the File Name button new in Leopard , which forces Spotlight to search only for file names rather than names and contents.

Or you can click on This Mac to change the target of your search from the folder you were in when you started searching, to your entire Mac. If your computer is connected to other Macs, click on the Shared button to search networked machines as well. When your Mac is connected to other Leopard machines, Spotlight will search both file names and file contents.

But when your computer is connected to a Mac running Tiger, Spotlight will search only file names.