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Now, what Safari can do is look at that URL and work out that it's a search and, just like you could, realize that if you wanted to search Amazon for 'iMac' instead of 'MacBook', then rather than waiting for the amazon. See that last word in the URL change? To make that happen, all you have to do is type 'amazon iMac' into Safari's search bar and then you'll see one of the options is 'Search amazon.

1. What Is macOS?

You have to do a search — any search — in a site first before Safari can recognize the syntax for a search string, but when you do, you'll see the sites listed in the Search tab of Safari's preferences. You can even type just a part of the target site's URL. So long as you've searched once on Wikipedia, for example, you can type 'wiki apple' and you'll see the option to search Wikipedia for "apple".

Whether because you suddenly realise you've left a dodgy tab open on an iPad you've just handed to a colleague or because it's just flat-out easier to go through and close a bunch of tabs on your Mac rather than on an iOS device, you should know that you can close tabs open on any device signed into your Apple ID from Safari since Yosemite. Click the icon that looks like two overlapping squares in Safari or choose Show All Tabs from the View menu and you'll see all your open tabs on all your devices. Hover over each and you'll see a close button you can click. This also works from iOS to Mac; swipe right to left on a cloud tab in its tab view and tap Delete; that tab will then be closed on the Mac.

You can easily send someone your contact details either by doing it the old-fashioned way of dragging a contact card out of the Contacts app and then attaching it to an email, say, or by using the new Share commands since Yosemite, but the problem with this basic method is that you might have information on your card you don't want others to have. For example, you might have defined a relationship with your spouse so that on your iPhone you can say "send a message to my wife" without having to specify who you mean, and you might want to keep that information private for security reasons.

Now, it's easy. In Contacts' preferences, click vCard then Enable private me card. Now, when you go to your Me card in Contacts — and you might have to define one first — and click Edit, you get a series of checkboxes next to each field to show whether it would be included when you share a card. The iPhone comes with a feature that enables it to share its 3G or 4G mobile broadband connection with other devices though this must be allowed by your network operator , making it perfect for getting your Mac online wherever you are.

To begin, go to the Personal Hotspot option in the iPhone's Settings menu, and turn it on.

Run Windows on Mac - Parallels Desktop 15 Virtual Machine for Mac

To connect using USB, plug your iPhone into your Mac and you should get a dialog that takes you to the Network section in System Preferences, from which you can select the iPhone. It can be annoying having to wait for someone else to print out large documents when you're in a hurry, so use this tip to minimize the wait if you have access to more than one printer.

You can then select this Pool from the print dialogue in apps instead of your individual printers, and if one printer is in use, your Mac will automatically send the document to one that's free instead — no waiting! It's pretty common for members of a family or a shared house to want to share their music or movies with each other, and you can do this easily with iTunes.

Qt Mac Install

You can also limit sharing to particular areas or playlists in your iTunes library. Once Home Sharing is turned on, other iTunes users can see your library by clicking the Library drop-down menu in the top-left of iTunes. Network printers are massively useful, letting anyone on your network print wirelessly, but if you've got a great printer already connected to one Mac and don't want to replace it, you can still get the same convenience. This will bring up a screen where you can select the printer to share, and specify who can use it, if necessary.

Once this is set up, any Mac on the network can access that printer from the print dialogue, though the Mac the printer is connected to must be turned on. AirPlay is Apple's technology for streaming audio and video around your house, and it's available on both iOS devices and Macs. Most Macs can stream audio to AirPlay speakers, while newer Macs can also mirror their displays to an Apple TV, letting you show something on the big screen.

For basic AirPlay output from iTunes, you just need to click its symbol — the rectangle with the triangle cutting into it — next to the volume bar and choose where you want to send the music. If you want all of your system audio to come from the speakers instead of just music, though, hold Option and press a volume control key to open the Sound preferences, where you can choose an output or use the Menu bar tip we already mentioned. To start mirroring your screen, select it, then click on the name of your Apple TV.

As you probably know, you can add multiple users to your Mac, so that every person in your home or office, say, can have their own space to work and to set things up how they like them. But there's another kind of account you can turn on: a Guest account. Anyone can use it - no password needed - but once they're finished everything they do will be wiped. This is great not just for Macs in foyers or spare rooms, say, but it's also great for if a friend or colleague says, "Can I just borrow your Mac for a minute to do something? That way you can be sure nobody will be able to access your stuff, but when they try to use your Mac they'll be offered the option of switching user and can then pick Guest.

The Parental Controls in OS X are simple, but there are plenty of options in there — some of which are useful for other things than preventing underage access. You can limit computer use to a certain length of time every day, set a 'bedtime' after which users won't be able to use the computer, limit the functions of the Finder, limit what apps that user can use and more.

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You could, for example, disallow a nervous computer user from modifying the Dock or changing their password. It used to be in Safari that if you wanted to delete caches and history, you only had the nuclear option: nix everything.

All the awesome things you forgot your Mac could do

Since Yosemite, though, when you choose Clear History and Website Data from the History menu of Safari, you get the option of covering your tracks by clearing data from the last hour, today, today and yesterday or, as before, from all time. Email isn't really meant for file transfer, but — let's be honest — we all do it. Problem is, many email providers flat-out won't let you send attachments over a particular size often only a few megabytes so sending large files over email is usually a no-no. With Mail since Yosemite, though and in fact with the webmail version of Mail at icloud.

What in fact happens is that the attachment really gets uploaded to iCloud, and then a link is sent to your recipient where they have 30 days from which to download it. Some apps have more menu bar options than you can hope to keep track of, but instead of searching through each drop-down list manually, you can use the last Help menu to speed things up.

It contains a search box, where you can type in the name of the option you're looking for. Results come up underneath it, and hovering over a result will show you which menu it's in, or you can just click the result to select it. Don't forget that, if you have a modern Mac that has Bluetooth 4.

The quickest way to do this is to right-click on the file you want to send then pick AirDrop from the Messages fly-out menu, then pick the device you want to send it to. But, there's more! You can be quite flexible when it comes to windows in OS X or macOS — not only can you drag from any side to resize them these days, but you can also hold Option to resize them from two sides at once the one you're dragging and the opposite one , or hold Shift to resize it while keeping it locked to the same proportions. And while we're talking about windows, if you want to move any that are in the background without bringing them to the fore, hold Command and then drag them around.

When you copy text from some applications, and especially from the web, you tend to also copy its formatting, such as the text size, font choice and so on.

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When you then paste this into some text fields, such as in an email, it looks out of place, and can make things hard to read. If there are certain apps that you'll always want to have open when you start up your Mac, you can set this up in System Preferences. Go to Users, make sure your user account is highlighted, then click Login Items.

Be careful when doing this, though, as having a lot of programs running when you start up your Mac can really slow it down. If you find your Mac is running slow, or the fans are kicking in when you don't appear to be doing anything too intensive, you can see if you can identify what's causing it.

Fast, Powerful and Easy

Launch Activity Monitor from the Utilities folder to see current processes, and the resources they take up. If there's a process that's hogging resources and you're confident it's not needed, you can end it by selecting it, then clicking Quit Process. If you're just curious about how system resources are being used, click the tabs CPU, System Memory and so on to see graphs of your usage over time.

Okay, so we know that people haven't actually forgotten they can back up with their Mac, but we also know that so many people don't bother. Please do! Ever since OS X Ideally you should be doing other things to back up as well, but at least do Time Machine; you can pick up a 2TB drive for less than sixty quid. Go on.

Do it today! One little known fact about Macs is that they use a different file system than Windows computers by default. While you could format the hard drive to take advantage of the exFAT file system, you would thereby miss out on faster write times. In doing so, you can theoretically divide the hard drive in half, with one volume being dedicated to macOS and the other to Windows. Take the hard drive over to your PC and you can format one of those volumes for NTFS, making it the perfect little hybrid device. Back to School Linux, Windows or Mac - which one is best for you?

Watch our guide video below! Got an iPad stylus? Try using that instead of your finger! To create something in Automator, open it, then choose what type of thing you want to create: each is useful in different circumstances, so click on them to see descriptions.

Select the one you want and click Choose or open an old Automator file. Start creating the steps of your workflow by dragging Actions from the left-hand side of the screen to the empty space on the right-hand side. Actions are categorised by application and file type, or you can search for something at the top.

Just click an Action's name to see what it does. Once you've built up your workflow, you can click Run in the top-right corner to test it though you won't be able to fully test everything this way. If there are any problems, the part where it failed will have a red cross next to it, and the log underneath will explain any warnings. InstallBuilder is a great tool for helping developers who don't want to spend too much time on packaging their software. Open this file on your Mac. Prepares students for any responsibility or challenge, either as part of an application development team or as the sole developer of a new Qt application.

Step 2: Build the Qt Library. By default, PyCharm uses pip to manage project packages. Browser-based remote controls: p2p-gui. After you install Office with OneDrive on your Mac, it appears to be just another folder. I highly recommend that you turn on two-factor authentication for your GitHub account. To begin the process of installing Qt 5 on your Mac, you need to get Xcode installed on your machine.

QuickTime 7 is for use with Windows Vista or Windows 7. Qt is a development framework for the creation of user interfaces for desktop, embedded, and mobile platforms.